Cosmetic raw material Lepirudin, 12000atu/Mg raw biological protein

NameRecombinant HirudinPhysical AppearanceWhite freeze-dried powder HostHansenulaTest Method1,Analysis by SDS-PAGE. 2,Analysis by HPSECBiological Activity≥12000 ATU / mg,95%Application1, Cosmetics additive; 2, Pharmaceutical additiveSuperiority1,In the the same measurement unit, the specific activity of recombinant hirud

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NameRecombinant Hirudin
Physical AppearanceWhite freeze-dried powder 
Test Method1,Analysis by SDS-PAGE. 2,Analysis by HPSEC
Biological Activity≥12000 ATU / mg,95%
Application1, Cosmetics additive; 2, Pharmaceutical additive
Superiority1,In the the same measurement unit, the specific activity of recombinant hirudin is much higher than Natural hirudin, so Re-hirudin has high-usage.       2,high purity and low sensitive rate.
Storage4ºC, store>1 year; -20ºC, store 1-3 years; -70ºC, 3-5 years.

Recombinant Hirudin technique data

[Product description]
Recombinant Hirudin is a potent thrombin inhibitor originally derived from the medicinal leech unlike heparin. Hirudin acts directly on thrombin rather than through other clotting factors. The mechanism of Hirudin-thrombin appears to be unique. The conversion of fibrinogen into fibrin by the serine protease enzyme thrombin is a major event in the final stages of blood coagulation. In the final stages of coagulation prothrombinase converts prothrombin into thrombin. Fibrin is subsequently cross linked by factor XIII to form a blood clot. The primary inhibitor of thrombin in normal blood circulation is antithrombin III. The anticoagulatant activity of hirudin is derived from its ability to inhibit the pro-coagulant activity of thrombin (similar to antithrombin III activity). Hirudin is the strongest natural inhibitor of thrombin. Hirudin binds to and inhibits only the activity of thrombin forms with a specific activity on fibrinogen contrasting to antithrombin III activity. Therefore, hirudin has a thrombolytic activity since it prevents or dissolves the formation of clots and thrombi. Hirudin also has therapeutic significance in blood coagulation disorders, in the treatment of skin hematomas and of superficial varicose veins. Hirudin does not hinder with the biological activity of other serum proteins and can also act on complexed thrombin, thus having an advantage over more common anticoagulants and thrombolytics like heparin for example. It is complicated to extract large quantities of hirudin from natural sources; therefore a method for producing and purifying hirudin using recombinant biotechnology has been developed.

Paper of Dr. Ren from University of Toledo, he used our recombinant hirudin for his test.

Lepirudin for Cosmetics Raw Material, 12000atu/Mg Raw Material Biological Protein

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