An innovative umbrella-shaped structure for growing kiwis

2022-05-27 21:50:32 By : Mr. Eric Hwang

"With the arrival of new varieties of kiwi in our area, there was a need to have a structure that could support both the net and the plastic, as well as the weight of the plant in full production, thus ensuring greater control of the growing conditions and also facilitating harvesting.

Assisted by a number of technicians and engineers, we came up with a hot dip galvanized steel structure, ideal for growing actinidia, with tubes of diameter 33 - 42 or 48mm and a thickness of 2.5mm," said Antonio Carrera, owner of Combimetal Carrera, a company based in Policoro (Matera) with over 30 years' experience in processing and manufacturing steel structures, especially for greenhouses.

Actinidia (red kiwi variety) with an umbrella-shaped structure covered with thermoplastic film

"The umbrella-shaped system ensures total coverage of the plants, avoiding, in the event of rain, hail or snow, the accumulation of stagnant water on the roots and on the plant itself, thanks to the creation of a drainage channel that allows the water to flow away without touching the roots and, therefore, preventing them from rotting".

Rocco Carrera, production manager of Combimetal Carrera

"No more concrete poles and no more difficulties in tying up the growing branches. In fact, as they grow, they can be tied to the various steel cables that we include in the structure, which also makes it easier to harvest the fruit. The structure is certified and guaranteed for 15 years, and the height and width of the arches can be modified according to customer requirements. The difference compared to other solutions is also in the resistance of the structure not only to the most violent climatic events, but also to additional stresses or loads, such as the addition of thermoplastic film, which is necessary especially for the red and yellow kiwi varieties."

Branches tied to steel cables included in the structure. Actinidia (kiwi green variety) with the umbrella-shaped system and covering net

"Farmers seem to be very interested and requests are also starting to arrive from outside the region. In the municipality of Policoro alone, for example, we have installed 2 systems in just a few months. These results were obtained by working night shifts, which allows us to deliver the work to customers in the shortest time possible.

For more information: Combimetal Carrera Srl  Via Lido 3 – 75025 – Policoro (MT) +39 0835 973481

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